All I need is my bestie and a spray tan!

Happy Wednesday!!

Confession time! I have never blogged, and I am horrible at grammar and spelling...but...I have loved this journey with my bestie so far and I wanted to share! So here I am, be kind please!

Amber and I have successfully sprayed each other. Both of us can go out in public, and we don't have zebra lines, orange faces.... or any other horrific spray tan dilemmas. I would already prefer her to the other spray tan artist I have been to in the area. Yeah, sure I am bias but she listened, cared, and is a perfectionist so best friend qualities aside shes my gal! My calendar is filling up with friends and family to practice on and I am so excited to make them all look sun kissed!

Aside from us spraying each other this week, its also the last week of summer break for everyone in my household, and Amber's one and only starts Kindergarten next week! Our lives are crazy, fun, and filled to the brim always. Neither one of us would like it any other way. We might drive our significant others crazy, but I think they both admire our scheming and dedication. The little girls we have in our lives (Brookie my soon to be step-kiddo 9, and Sidney...Amber's 5 year old...who is our...yes OUR little ray of sunshine she really is never in a bad mood!) love going on adventures with us, and helping us in ANY way they can. My hope for them is that her and I are great examples, in multiple areas of their little lives. I hope they see the friendship we have, and how amazing it is to have someone to inspire, help, and lean on through all phases of life. I literally don't know where I would be with out Amber's words of wisdom, tough love (at times I need it), support with school, and willingness to do literally ANYthing for me. I am so lucky to have her in my corner! So, back to the back to school subject, summer is coming to an end here and I am ready to take on the challenge of my hardest semester yet, launching this business, having a highs-schooler, and all the other crazy wonderful things that are on the horizon this fall!

If you still have a few days left of your summer I hope you enjoy them! If you are already back to the swing of things in your house hold I hope it was a smooth and easy transition for you! Tis' the season to learn, and Amber and I are in full swing with this new adventure. Thank you all for your support and love! We have a tentative launch date of October 1, 2017 and I have big plans and DEALS on the horizon. So stay tuned to follow our progress and find out about this EPIC launch event!

Till next time friends...stay bronzed and keep swimming...I will work on my taglines :)

<3 Tiff

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