It's not just the spray tan making me glow these days....

Hello friends!

It's a crisp cool morning here in Iowa, and I saw leaves falling from the trees as I was getting ready this morning, fall is just around the corner (a little sooner here than usual) however its my favorite season so I welcome the change.

This week flew by! I loved writing my first blog, and looked forward to writing another all week! Phewwww what a week it was!! Full swing of back to school and this semester is going to be challenging in regards to my school work, and the pressure that the instructors are placing on my class. I choose this program because their success rate was extremely high, and the cost was favorably low. I tell ya though, it's one of the hardest things I have done in my life. I don't know if its because I am not a traditional student, my brain is old, or because I hate being watched...well examined, or what...but let me just tell you...respect your dental hygienist. We get put through the ringer, and people fear coming to us, but those of us who do it, are truly passionate about making your smile a healthy one! The school week started out with me on the verge of tears several times, but by Wednesday when I was beaten down and pretty unhappy, I got to pick up Derek's kids. It was their first day and my third. I didn't want my eeyore mood to damper their first day greatness. Just seeing them made that eeyore mood go away. They were the glue that got me through Friday...and I got to end the week on a much better note than I started it on, and feeling more myself.

Amber has been busy behind the scenes getting things up and running on this website, which by the way doesn't it look amazing?!?! She is seriously so talented. She also placed our first product order!! We have been diligently spraying ourselves and our close family and friends to see what solutions we love and what we don't. We found a line that we feel in love with! It is called "Unfiltered" it has two different undertones so we can customize what will work best for our clients on an individual basis, and all of the products are anti ageing! Who doesn't love that... I mean really!? On top of that they have a rapid developing solution that Amber has tried and is in LOVE with!! So we have ONE of 3 lines that we will carry confirmed. We want to truly be able to customize the experience for our tanners so we will be carrying 3 different lines, since not everyone is the same obviously! Today aside from writing this blog and working on some homework I am planning our LAUNCH EVENT....and I am so excited! October 1st really isn't that far away.

Until next time friends! May your coffee be strong and you tan be flawless!


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