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Where do I start!?! Amber and I have officially been "open" for a little over a week now. We are pleased with our start but what self respecting business owner wouldn't love the secret ingredient to being an overnight success? I have lofty dreams for Sol Sisters and it's going to take a few more appointments to get us there, However, I am confident that Sol Sisters is where we both belong! We have 3 awesome places to spray out of, and as I get to know these women we have surrounded ourselves with, I am feeling beyond blessed. Seven Salon has an amazing tight knit group of girls that showed up to help us with our grand opening, and that I already feel close with. They are the type of people that make you feel comfortable from the moment you meet them, and confident they will have my back even though we just met. Then there are the Dostal House women. I thought I was busy and then I met these movers and shakers! These women are all kicking a@* and taking names in so many different industries. They inspire me to have lofty dreams and keep pushing till I get there.

Amber and I are fine tuning things and as I sit here at Prestige for walk in hours (might I add that we are changing to appointment hours), we still need to find what works for us business wise and our families. We have amazing support systems and finding a balance where we get to fulfill ourselves as well as being, mothers, and wives is a delicate juggling act. We clearly don't have the secret to yet but stay tuned to our journey because if ever there were two gals that could figure it money would be on us!

Thank you for your support, whether you have gotten a spray, came to our opening, liked a post, encouraged us, or gave us a hug recently we appreciate it all!

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