Know HER November- Amber Dunlap


I’m Amber, the co-owner of Sol Sisters. I’m a mom, a wife, a dog lover and recovering perfectionist.

Q:Where is your home town?

A: Syracuse, NY

Q: Are you an early bird or night owl?

A: I’m traditionally more of a night owl, but business hours and a 6 year old have forced me to become more of an early bird these days.

Q:What motivates you?

A: Being useful and striving continuous growth.

Q:Binge worthy TV show...or podcast?

A: I’m a podcast junkie! All true crime podcasts all the time. As for TV, Game of Thrones and Greys Anatomy are the shows I can’t live without.

Q: Favorite song to blast through the speakers? At this moment. We know it can change depending on the day :)

A:The soundtrack to “A Star is Born” right now. But generally I’m a 90s/00s alternative type gal.

Q: Top 3 women you look up to?

A:Oprah, my business partner Tiff, and my mother

Q: Favorite social media platform (and who do you stalk on it)?

A:Facebook, and I stalk all the girl bosses in my community. I love to keep up with all their happenings and they inspire me to be better.

Q: BEST guilty pleasure?

A:Ice cream and leggings, preferably together.

Q:One beauty item you CAN NOT live without, and why?

A: Bronzer, because I’m am pale as a ghost as own a spray tanning business.

Q: Favorite simple quote:

A: It’s not really a simple quote, but I’m going to be a rule breaker. The man in the arena quote from Theodore Roosevelt speaks to my soul.

Q:Annnndddd because we have to ask. Why Sol Sisters?

A:Since I own half the business I’m pretty biased, but we really strive to be authentic and make our clients part of our tribe. We love to hear about everyone’s lives and you can always count on us to give it to your straight!

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