Know HER November- Kendra Aarhus

Although Amber and I have only met Kendra a handful of times we are inspired by her hustle, passion, and she is damn right motivational! When we were brainstorming fierce powerful women we have bronzed she came to mind so fast! So we reached out and asked her to share a little bit about herself…and here it is! Ohhhh one more thing! You HAVE to watch her LIVES, she is so real and has some amazing advice on; life, business, relationships, and MAKEUP!

"When asked about my bio, I used to have a canned answer that I’d copy and paste. I’m going to do this different. I’ve spent the last year of my life working on being a better version of myself. I went on a self-reflection, self-love tour of sorts and it’s taught me a lot, but mostly how important impacting other people really is. Life is full of heartache, disappointment, politics, and bad relationships. As women (as people) we could use a little more happy and influence for the greater good. I’ve learned that where you start doesn’t determine where you can grow… and I’m here to make it known that we all have it in us to make a difference. The ripple effect is real. Take care of you and watch that impact. So, how can I help you take better care of you? That’s my mission."- Kendra

Q: Where is your home town?

A: My parents were a little transient when I was a kid. I’m from Buchanan County, Iowa and have lived in most of the cities within it, I swear. I claim Winthrop as home, however.

Q: Are you an early bird or night owl?

A: I am an early bird. I am an early bird. I am an early bird. I also believe if you repeat something enough times that it will come true. Yes?

Q: What motivates you?

A: I’m not afraid to admit that I am money driven… but over the years as the money has made it way into my bank account, I’ve realized how unfulfilling money can be if it’s not cloaked in something more meaningful. I’ve really become impact driven in the last year. The difference has been beneficial to my heart and my wallet.

Q: Binge worthy TV show...or podcast?

A: I’m one of those people fascinated by human behavior and have watched practically every single documentary on weirdos, murderers, and crazies on Netflix. I promise I’m normal.

Q: Favorite song to blast through the speakers?

A: At this moment. We know it can change depending on the day :) Anything by P!nk!

Q: Top 3 women you look up to.

A: Only 3? #1: my grandmother. I’d tell you why but my eyes would leak and neither of us really like to do that very much. #2: Michele Milardi-Gay… the CEO of the company I am partnered with. Ugh. That chick as given me the hardest lessons of my life in the past 4 years and a platform to create impact. #3: P!nk… is that weird? Man I just really respect a woman that will speak up, shave her head, hang from the rafters during concerts, takes care of herself, and isn’t afraid to say when life got hard.

Q: Favorite social media platform (and who do you stalk on it)?

A: Facebook. Oh my gosh… who do I stalk? Do I have to be completely honest? HA! I stalk a lot of photographers and makeup artists. I checked my “see first” list and it turns out I stalk my closest family and friends the most.

Q: BEST guilty pleasure?

A: Doing absolutely nothing productive and chips.

Q: One beauty item you CAN NOT live without, and why?

A: Dear lord this is stressful. I actually played a roll in helping a small Iowa chemist take his beauty product to the world. It’s a great story that you can read about in my blog (called “Once upon a hedge apple”) and not only is it the best facial oil you’ll ever use, but it also helps treat some pretty serious skin conditions. It’s literally impacted people around the globe and I get to say, “I was a party of that.”

Q: Favorite simple quote?

A: This is ever-changing for me… right now it’s… “Never give up on a dream because of the time It will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway” - Earl Nightingale

Q: Why Sol Sisters?

A: Because Sol-Sisters are amazing women that are ALWAYS down to support each other. You girls are funny, inclusive, and even though I’m a pretty modest human… you don’t make it weird to get naked in front of you. I appreciate your story, your drive, and your integrity. Iowa lucked out when you guys showed up.

Q: Are you ok with people stalking your business/personal social media accounts?

A: Yes!

Instagram: @kendraarhus


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