Know HER November- Jess Novotny

Jess and her hubby Dan own Prestige Dance Studio (now in both Marion & Cedar Rapids, IA). I have sat back and watched the magic for 4 years and just recently have had the privileged of getting to know Jess and her clan a little better. There is a theme here with all of these women we reached out to for this fun little project, and if you haven't caught on yet let me share it with you. All of these women are amazingly INSPIRATIONAL. To be able to watch Jess is a privilege and an honor. She is so intentional. She impacts these young lives in every moment of her day and she is such a strong, kind, talented, bold, and smart woman to look up to! If you want your child to learn a skill, character, life lessons, strength, and kindness Prestige is a place you HAVE to check out! We asked Jess to tell us a little about her self and here is what she had to say!

I fell in love with dance at the age of two and began performing internationally at the age of thirteen. I attended the University of Iowa where I earned a B.A. in Dance and received an Entrepreneurial Certificate. In 2013 after living in Chicago for 5 years, I returned to the corridor and founded Prestige Dance Studio to share my passion of dance in a safe, technically sound and creative environment. In 2017, I became the head coach of State Champion Xavier High School Varsity Dance Team. I have 3 daughters, Sophia (6), Olivia (3) and Gabriella (1) with my husband, Dan. I have also have 2 crazy rescue dogs, Macy and Pearl, that are terribly behaved and spoiled rotten.

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: Dyersville, Iowa

Q: Are you an early bird or night owl?

A: Night owl, but my kiddos aren't so my bedtime is getting earlier and earlier with each year that goes by.

Q:What motivates you?

A: My kids and students motivate me to be the best version of myself because they watch my every move and want to be a great example of strength, humility and love.

Q: Binge worthy TV show... or podcast?

A: Law and Order SVU - a classic, oldie but goodie

Q: Favorite song to blast through the speakers?

A: It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion or anything by Eminem

Q:Top 3 women you look up to?

A: 1. My Mom, she was truly the most stoic, selfless person while taking care of herself and her family.

2. Jules Prokop, my life coach. She helps navigate my ideas, balance my work and family and feel grounded while growing.

3. Rachel Hollis. This is new, I like her advice for women, but really enjoy and value her marriage podcast. Every relationship takes work and it is a good refresher.

Q:Favorite social media platform (and who do you stalk on it)?

A: Snapchat, I like to stalk my students to make sure they are making good choices. Don't tell them...

Q: Best guilty pleasure?

A: My guilty pleasure is getting massages. I love the deep tissue, almost painful massages to undo aging and muscle strain from exercise.

Q: One beauty item you CAN NOT live without, and why?

A:Bobby Brown Mascara, it makes my lashes look fuller and longer and I think the founder's story is interesting and I respect the work she has done.

Q: Favorite simple quote?

A: "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." - Colin Powell

Q: Why sol sisters?

A: Supporting local businesses, especially female owned, is very important to me. Sol Sisters allows me to keep a great tan all year around while not harming my body with the harmful UV rays from tanning beds. The color is great, it is quick and easy and I love catching up for 10 minutes with the ladies.

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